Herb Karpatkin Physical Therapy
Multiple Sclerosis Clinical Specialist
Neurologic Clinical Specialist
Expert Individualized Programs for Persons with
Neurologic Dysfunction



National Multiple Sclerosis Society: www.nationalmssociety.org/index.aspx

Consortium of Multiple Sclerosis Centers: www.mscare.org/cmsc/Articles.html

Neurology Section of the American Physical Therapy Association: www.neuropt.org

Parkinsons Disease Foundation: www.pdf.org

Northwest Parkinson's Disease Foundation: www.nwpf.org

Multiple Sclerosis Foundation: http://www.msfacts.org/



Multiple Sclerosis and Exercise: www.mscare.org/cmsc/images/journal/pdf/journal_2005_v7_n2_Multiple_Sclerosis.pdf

Neuroplasticity in Multiple Sclerosis: www.neurologyreviews.com/sep04/sep04_nr_neuroplasticityMS.html

Strategies to Improve Physical Therapy Outcomes in Persons with MS: http://www.mstrust.org.uk/professionals/information/wayahead/articles/15012011_05.jsp

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